Find Your Light – Guided Meditations To Heal Yourself

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Here is a 6 meditation audio to help you connect more with yourself and heal aspects of yourself that is deep down within your consciousness.

You are a beautiful being of light that holds vasts amount of information but trauma and negative beliefs can make us trap our beauty and hide it away. These meditations are specially designed to help you discover these traumas and come out of hiding so you can shine more of you into this reality.

Each meditation is 30 minutes long and you will guided by the voice of Sigrid Kjeldsen using the wealth of information that Rebecca has obtained through her many years of understanding consciousness.

These meditations can be used time and time again to go deeper into your consciousness as you are a unique being with a wealth of information which is waiting to be seen and accessed by you.


4 reviews for Find Your Light – Guided Meditations To Heal Yourself

  1. Nikki Colombo

    These meditations are beautiful to listen to and are an essential tool during the course. They really helped me break through the blocks in my healing journey and every time I do them I find a deeper layer to work on which leads me to resolving the soul wounds and sexual creation issues of my family line. Highly recommended!

  2. Sarah

    I absolutely love the set of meditations. My favourite is the ‘Higher Self’ as I drop fully into my heart and get full body tingles whenever I listen. I also had a very clear strong message come through when listening the second time around my coaching business. I knew it was time to embrace a new direction in my coaching practice but was unclear as to what it would be, and after asking the question of myself and reflecting in my day-to-day life – what next? – it just came through really clearly whilst doing the mediation. Already it has been worth the investment just for that alone. So huge thanks to you Becky and Sigrid. I hope there will be more!

  3. Line

    These meditations brings me answers and new understandings. And a surprice or two! Its so interesting to meet myself this way and look for gold! I get more confident and trustful in what i sence, see and feel during my journeys and im safely guided into the landscape of my soul. Sigrids voice and the music is a perfect combination, makes me really relaxed. It can easily be done on a daily basis ( also for the lazy ones!) and im always looking forward to this meetings with myself, making it a priority. Either if you want to heal something in a realtionship, if you have a spesific question regarding a problem or just want to go on a “magical mystery tour” to your higher self, there is many possibilities. Its such a great moment when you realise you have a weld inside that never runs dry! Its empowerment! Power to the people 😀

  4. Evelyn

    For anyone looking to deepen their healing process, whether in regard to trauma, tapping into your inner wisdom/higher self or to more deeply understand the dynamics in one’s relationships, these meditations are a must. Sigrid’s voice and words along with the gentle frequency of the music in the background, naturally guide one safely through the journeying process to more easily explore oneself and/or to facilitate the healing of others. The meditations have played a key role in my personal healing so that I may guide others more powerfully on their path. I can’t recommend them enough.

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